Seafood Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Metallic paper coated on 2mm thick duplex board, laser UV printing on the logo on four sides.
  • Nylon handle installed on sides, make the box easy to be carried away.
  • Top and bottom box structure, solid box enable it to carry heavy seafood.
  • Inside and outside laminates with plastic film, this is a consideration for water-proof.
  • A single master carton can be added.
  • Size and Design: 9.5*9.5*18cm or as per customer’s specific requirement.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Secret Design Concept of Seafood Packaging Box

The design of the seafood packaging box must focus on the dazzling appearance, and many gift-givers often overlook the design of the gift box packaging design. In fact, in general, the shape of the gift box packaging is consistent. For the gift box packaging design, you need to consider the color matching of the pattern, whether the ratio is coordinated, the choice of materials, whether the inner packaging layer design is reasonable, and so on. Only in this way, the gift box you designed will be unique, and will be unique compared to other gift box packaging!

This seafood packaging box stands out from other seafood boxes, and it is eye-catching. In marketing sales, the first thing is to attract your customer’s attention, and then it may turn into sales.

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